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James P. Chandler

Writer. Author. Thinker.

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A Bit About Me

Like most fiction writers I fell in love with creating new worlds and fun characters when I was still very young. Back then my  tastes ran almost exclusively to epic fantasy. Since then my interests have greatly expanded to include science fiction of pretty much all types, including military science fiction and space opera, and contemporary fictions. Mostly I love to write cool stories and funny fiction. 

Welcome to my new adventure. I hope you have as much fun as me.



January 20, 2023

I"m currently working on a novel involving the same characters in the short story "Lucky." This will be the first of two novels in the Four Horsemen Universe, created by Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy. The second will be co-written by Chris and seems to be developing into a YA title. 

The 4HU already has a large body of work, and it's worth the time. You can get the first book in the series at the link. 

There will be far more to come. I have years of ideas to share with you.

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh



Desk with Book